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Wooden Spinning Handles made from a variety of domestic and exotic woods. Handles fit Fuji #16 reel seat. furnished with a 3/8 or 7/16 bore to fit Lighter Spinning Rod Blanks.

Although I try to have most items in stock some will have to be made to order which could take up to 2 weeks. e-mail me for availability.


All Rod Blanks Rod Guides Cork Rings CORK HANDLES Full Wells Fly Rod Handles Half Wells Fly Rod Handles Full Wells Fly Handle Kit Hidden Hood Half Wells Fly Handle Kit Hidden Hood Spey & Switch Handles Fighting Butts #16 Wood Reel Seat Insert, fits #16 skeleton #16 Wood Skeleton Seat Inserts #16 Complete Reel Seats #17 Wood Skeleton Seat Inserts #18 Wood Reel Seat Insert #18 Complete Reel Seat Hidden Hood Complete Fly Reel Seats Light Spinning Handles Light Split Grip Handles Medium Spinning Handles Tennessee Handles Ice Fishing Handles One of a Kind & Special Handles SpectraPly / Colorwood Stabilized Handles Winding Checks Reel Seats Bargain Bin Labels for Rods Cork2 cc
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